Bnei Mitzva Flying Operation

On Tuesday this week, September 6, 2022, we conducted a flight operation in a light plane, by Moti Zada ​​from Yavneh (‘Gesher’ camp).

11 children and a number of appendages took part in the operation, who made flights over the skies of Gush Dan and the surrounding area.

This is the second year that our dear friend Moti Zadeh performs the flight for the Bnei Mitzvah, but two months ago we celebrated the Bar Mitzvah ceremony for them, completely voluntarily.

The first part was a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, a tour of David’s Tomb and the Old City, guided by David Ringler , a visit to the Western Wall and the tunnels of the Western Wall, putting on tefillin and a liturgy to the Torah.

The second part was the celebrations in the Vasilio halls, in the presence of 150 people: family members and guests. There was a performance by the magicians from Houdini Lodge 83 of the Freemasons, who even donated NIS 2,500 to the event.

This is the sixth year that members of the Houdini Chamber take part in the bar mitzvah celebration event in Yavne.

This is also the sixth year that we, Eli Dekal and Yoav Gad , organize the event from start to finish.