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Sarah Thompson

Director of Pediatric Services, Children's Hospital

The magic show organized by Houdini Lodge #83 was truly a remarkable experience for our young patients at Children’s Hospital. Yehuda Masika, Ram Gamaliel, and David Ringler captivated the children with their mesmerizing performances, bringing smiles to their faces and joy to their hearts. It was heartwarming to see the kids forget about their illness, even if just for a little while, as they were immersed in the world of magic. The dedication and passion of the Houdini Lodge team in making a positive impact on the lives of our sick children are commendable. We are immensely grateful for their ongoing support and the magical moments they create for our young patients.


Jason Harris

Founder, Hope for All Foundation

I had the pleasure of witnessing the magic show put on by Houdini Lodge #83 in collaboration with Kenas Ltd., and I must say it was a truly enchanting experience. As the founder of the Hope for All Foundation, I work closely with at-risk populations, and I have seen firsthand the transformative power of joy and wonder. Yehuda Masika, Ram Gamaliel, and David Ringler showcased their incredible talent and captivated everyone in the room, including those facing challenging circumstances. Their performances brought a much-needed respite from the hardships of life and left a lasting impression on everyone present. Houdini Lodge #83 is making a profound difference in our community through their magical acts, and I wholeheartedly support their mission.


Emma Lawson

Social Worker, Community Outreach Center

Words cannot express how grateful we are to Houdini Lodge #83 for their dedication to our community’s most vulnerable populations. As a social worker at the Community Outreach Center, I have witnessed the transformative impact of their magic shows on individuals facing adversity. Yehuda Masika, Ram Gamaliel, and David Ringler not only entertained with their awe-inspiring performances but also touched the hearts of those in attendance. The joy, wonder, and laughter they brought to the at-risk populations we serve were truly priceless. Houdini Lodge #83’s commitment to making a positive difference through their magical talents is commendable, and I highly recommend their shows to anyone looking to uplift spirits and spread enchantment.


Michael Adams

Principal, Sunshine Elementary School

The magic show organized by Houdini Lodge #83 was a magical and unforgettable experience for our students at Sunshine Elementary School. Yehuda Masika, Ram Gamaliel, and David Ringler wowed the audience with their incredible talents and left our students spellbound. The energy and enthusiasm they brought to the show were infectious, and the laughter and smiles from our students were evidence of the joy they experienced. Houdini Lodge #83’s dedication to making a positive impact on our community, particularly among children, is truly commendable. Their magic show not only entertained but also inspired our students to believe in the power of wonder and imagination. We are immensely grateful for their commitment to brightening the lives of young minds and making a difference through their magical performances.

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